Hello World – Welcome To My Alaska Project Page!

Welcome to the Alaska Project.

This site is like a canvas that I’m slowly painting. Or maybe paint-by-numbers. That’s truer to my skill-set. The outline is already there, it’s the state of Alaska. I’m just here to fill it in with my own experience and photos.

That’s all the Alaska Project is. I’m trying to go everywhere, share my photos, experiences, and what I’ve learned about travel here.

You’re probably asking, “why should I care about this project and website?”. Maybe you shouldn’t. My intention is that it can be used as a guide. Do you like hiking? Check out all the photos and stories tagged “hiking”, find some places you’d like to go see, get some details from my trip and experiences, start planning your own adventure. Maybe you’d just like to see some sights that you’re definitely not going to see on the tours. After living here for 5 years, I can tell you that most of the tour companies are pretty worthless if you actually want to experience what Alaska is like.

I’ll be geotagging all my photos posted here and provide coordinates. I’ll post GPX or KML files of trails or routes I take. They won’t always be the best or smartest paths, but ways of getting from point A to point B. There are some guidebooks for hiking, paddling, and skiing in the state. Alaska is one of the few places where I can say a guidebook is simply a “guide”. Most hiking is not on trails. Sometimes trails in guidebooks simply don’t exist anymore.

Content on this site is coming very soon, despite the fact that I have not yet decided what I will be using permanently for mapping purposes. For now I’ll just be using Google Maps embedding. This post will be edited and updated as well.

Thanks for visiting, please bookmark and come back soon!
Here’s my old blog if you’re interested: http://lwpetersen.com/